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Experience and High Responsiveness

ALMAWARED ENGINEERING AND TRADING S.A.E (MET) is specialized in the industrial automation, mechanical and electrical power transmission field.
2001 is not only a date for ALMAWARED ENGINEERING AND TRADING S.A.E (M E T).  It represents the starting of a company that is today specialized in the industrial automation, mechanical and electrical power transmission field, thanks to the entrepreneurial capabilities from foundation members Mr. Abdel Aziz Abul Atta, Ms. Bahia Khairy, Eng. Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Eng. Khalid Abdel Aziz and Eng. Khalid Ateya, expertise and firm commitment of the promoting partners. 
MET partners achieved the quality certificates, with the aim to grant a good quality system for the different market needs to satisfy most of their customers’ needs by providing complete solutions or individual tailor-made solutions. Only a long experience allows a company to reach in a flexible and wide way to market demands, with a complete range of products and services.

Flexibility and Rapidity of Product range

Our structure is composed of real problem solvers who study the customer requirements and orient him towards simple and innovative solutions thanks to the structure of MET product range that gives our highly professional technical engineers a wide area of solutions. MET product range comprises a whole variety of automation, electrical and mechanical equipment such as PLCs, touch screens, SCADA systems, flow meters, density meters, BMS components, inverters, soft starters, AC/DC motors, Servo systems, gearboxes, clutches and brakes. Distributed Control System (DCS) is the latest product that MET provides to our customers.

A Strong Presence in the Market

Our experienced sales and marketing team is highly technical and customer-oriented. They combine premium customer support with years of industry experience to develop and sustain long-term relationships. Our team ensures each customer is treated with professionalism and integrity as we work hard to understand our customers’ needs and to provide solutions to meet those needs, so we serve a wide variety of market fields such as soup and fats, sugar industries, petroleum and refineries, cement factories, iron and steel mills, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, textiles and dyeing, paints and chemicals, plastics and petrochemicals, food & beverages industries, paper and printing, packing and wrapping, pump & water treatment plants, sewage & water treatment plants and commercial HVAC.

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