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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverters



Solar Inverter

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Solar Inverters


Santerno’s pumping system powered by PV panels:

  • The ultimate advanced and reliable solution, stemming from 30-year
    expertise in manufacturing solar pumping inverters

  • Wide power range available, 3kW to 3000kW

  • The inverter starts and stops the connected pump automatically
    based on the solar radiation level.

  • Output frequency is automatically regulated to follow the
    Maximum Power Point of the PV array.

  • A level switch stops the pump when the well is full.
    The pump is stopped also if the well is dry.

  • The inverter features programmable re-start attempts.

  • Max operating ambient temperature: 50°C Possible to install in very hot locations

  • BOX IP 52 / IP 54 for Cabinet version
    Outdoor placement allowed

  • Single main switch for DC (PV) or AC supply (diesel genset backup supply)
    Easy switching to AC when sun is over - No need of storage tank

  • MPPT Smart function
    Take advantage of all available solar power to run pump at its best

  • Tank water level control Don’t waste water

  • Water pressure control for pipes Connect directly to a pipe system
    PV string connections with fuses
    Easy and fast to start up
    PVsyst model available for proper dimensioning Check yourself your results

  • Display-keypad in front of the box or cabinet. Keep an eye on your plant
    3G / GPRS connection for remote monitoring (optional) Everything under control from anywhere at anytime

  • Overcurrent and overload Protect motor from high current and overheating

  • Output inductance for dV/dt pump protection Extend lifetime of your system

  • Pump dry-run detection take care of pump and save energy

  • Overtemperature Prevent inverter from overheating PV isolation loss
    Warning against possible dangers for people and systems

  • Surge Protection Device Protection against sudden over voltage (lightnings)

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