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AuCom Soft Starters
AuCom Soft Starters

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AuCom Soft Starters

Perfect operation/Programming
Comprehensive plain text
Multi-lingual including German
Application descriptive
Extensive feedbacks
Real-time graphs
USB Interface

Supports energy efficiency
Compatible with IE3 motors
Electrical efficiency > 99%
Integrated bypass
No harmonics

Wide model range
24 A – 1250 A
200 – 525 VAC or 380 – 690 VAC
Inside Delta connection is possible

Rationally organised
Configuration profiles ready for many applications
Simulation mode
Clock + weekly calendar

Digital inputs: 2 x fixed, 2 x programmable
Analog output: 1 x programmable
Relay output: 1 x fixed, 2 x programmable

AuCom Soft Starters

Various start/stop scenarios
Calendar controlled start/stop
Application adaptive ramps
Current controlled ramps
Constant current ramps
Pump cleaning run
Timed ramps
Freewheel ramp
DC brake
Soft brake
Reversal of direction of rotation

Adaptable protection functions
Motor overload
Excessive start detection
Undercurrent/Overcurrent detection
Undervoltage/Overvoltage detection
Current-balance deviation detection
Emergency stop
PTC input
Power-Through bypassed defective thyristor
FIRE emergency operation

Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP,
Modbus RTU, Profibus, DeviceNet
Customisable smart card
Remote control
Finger guard

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