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HQ Pumps

HQ Pumps

HQ Pumps srl was born in 2010, a company founded by three partners from companies that have been present for years in the submersible electric pump market.
At the operating site in Pavia (Italy), they design and manufacture submersible electric pumps for civil wastewater, industrial wastewater and drainage water.

HQ goal and philosophy is to provide their customers with a product completely made in Italy and built with quality criteria for both materials and mechanical components.

Esco Couplings
Esco Couplings N.V. Belgium accumulated field experiences over the last 50 years, hand in hand with customers, amongst the world five first leading industrial flexible gear & disc types coupling manufacturers. Continuous investments in R & D - Engineering - Manufacturing - Quality control and Services Divisions have allowed the company to supply the "most adapted" coupling for the "job" to many major customers. Esco Couplings N.V. is an ISO 9001 Quality certified company.

escocoupling have been chosen to connect the most demanding   applications, such as Bogie traction motors for train and underground cars, steel and non-ferrous rolling mills, Turbines, compressors and boiler feed pumps, Packaging & processing machines, etc...

Corbetta Clutches & Brakes
CORBETTA an Italian company has been manufacturing Brakes, Clutches and Torque limiters for more than 30 years, it’s still very dynamic capable to satisfy our customer’s specific requirement; quickly evolving working trends lead us to adopt up to date manufacturing technology and company organization, to express an inventive design, to invest efficiently and constantly, to train qualified personnel, to select our suppliers to obtain a product combining quality and price competitiveness.

Varvel Gearboxes_edited.png

VARVEL Gearboxes
Since 1955 VARVEL has been making speed reducers and variators for industry applications. Reliable partner in power transmission equipment offers also customized solutions always according to a socially responsible company values. Modularity and flexibility lead Varvel products by a unique kit form, common to all gearbox series. This feature allows distributors an easier job to set up required products in few minutes.
VARVEL Mission is to be a Trustworthy commercial partner in power transmission manufacturing worldwide and marketing through a High service level, Product modularity and Solution customizing in obedience of the values of a socially responsible enterprise, always considered the customer not only fundamental assets but also strategic partners, and pointed its growth pursuing the aim of Customer satisfaction.

Reich Couplings
For more than 60 years already, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN in Bochum – Germany has produced a wide range of torsionally flexible Couplings. All power transmission elements are manufactured on ultramodern production facilities. In-house test benches and inspection facilities of highest technical standards warrant high-quality and long-life power transmission products of the REICH-KUPPLUNGEN brand.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN offers products for a wide range of applications. Our highly flexible couplings are predominantly used in conjunction with combustion engines. On waterways, roadways and railways. In the fields aggregate construction, conveying engineering and general mechanical engineering. Our flexible and torsionally rigid couplings find their applications at all places where high demands for quality, safety and long life are imposed. One of the outstanding features and essential quality factors is our in-house development and manufacture of elastomeric elements.

Esco Couplings
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