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TOSHIBA Frequency Inverters


If you need the most suitable inverter for any application which has low noise, low harmonics, minimal parameter setting, high torque and control, just get TOSHIBA frequency inverters!


TOSHIBA frequency inverters are designed for the global market and are manufactured with the newest production methods. They comply with worldwide standards like CE, GOST-R, UL and C-tick; they are extremely reliable and meet highest quality standards. From the broad product range with capacities from 0.1 to 630kW you can always choose the right inverter for your application.


All models can be mounted side-by-side and tolerate high ambient temperatures (up to 60°C in most cases). It has outstanding Performance, including high torque, fast response, high accuracy and excellent environmental compatibility with easy operation.


TOSHIBA frequency inverters offer a multitude of functions and are therefore easy to integrate into almost any system. The wide range of functions meets various users’ needs, from simple speed control to steady torque at low speed. 


Santerno AC/DC Drives & Medium Voltage Soft Starters and Solar Drives


Enertronica Santerno SpA designs and markets inverters (for the production of electricity from renewable sources), drives and soft starters for industrial and hybrid applications.

Involved for more than 40 years in research applied to power electronics, Santerno develops its projects wholly independently, thanks to know-how consolidated over the years and to patents based on utilisation of the most advanced digital technologies, the fruit of continual investment in research and ongoing collaboration with the most prestigious scientific institutes in Europe and the most important Italian universities.

Fields of specialisation are:


  • Drives for industrial applications such as inverters for water pumping and treatment, conditioning systems, regenerative overhead cranes and high power conveyor belts

  • SOLARDRIVE PLUS, solar inverters for pumping application, powers from 5 kw up to 3000 kw

  • DC Drives full digital for Standard and Magnet Applications

  • Medium Voltage Soft Starters


Santerno Soft Starters


The soft starter sets new standards for motor control. The adaptive acceleration control determines the properties of motor and load within few starts. Subsequent starts and stops are performed according to the selected characteristic (early, constant, late acceleration, deceleration). The function provides ideal control of drives with high inertia or different pump head heights.

Soft Starters has a Maximum reliability and protective functions prevents improper operation conditions and warn or trip in case of over-current, under-current, excess start time, over-temperature, phase loss, phase imbalance and many others. A reset can be performed automatically after an adjustable waiting time. The emergency function ignores trip causes. The sophisticated thermal motor model makes it possible to react to increased load even before the motor is over-heated. Nine types of parameter presets cover the requirements of most standard applications and the 99 past events gives the maximum reliability.

The total control over the starting current and starting torque, frequent start capability without performance variations, optimum start performance for every start even in applications where the load varies between starts, soft stop control for applications such as pumps and conveyors, braking for reducing deceleration times.

The main advantages of the soft starter are the motor and load protections such as programmable electronic motor overload for advanced motor protection, phase imbalance and phase loss protection, phase rotation protection to prevent reverse rotation of motor and load, stall protection to prevent damage from jammed loads, undercurrent protection to detect abnormal load conditions, thermistor input for direct connection of motor thermistors, restart delay, shorted SCR detection and automatic power circuit verification.


LTi Servo Drives


The Lti group develops, manufactures and distributes products in three areas: Drive and Automation Technology; servo drives and motors, Microsystems Sensor technology and Renewable Energies. The Lti head offices are in Lahnau, where Karl-Heinz Lust in 1971 established the propulsion technology company “Lust Antriebstechnik”. His family business has since developed into a successful global group of companies. In 2008 the name was changed to Lti (LUST TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL) to reflect the company’s dynamic growth.


The modularity of the servo drive guarantees your optimum integration into the machine process at all times. A coordinated single-axis and energy-efficient multi-axis system meet the needs of any application across a wide power range. Whether in high speed field bus communication with the central multi-axis machine controller or with distributed Motion Control intelligence in the drive controller.


Based on the new winding technology, the so-called concentrated winding, the new LSH Servomotor generation of motors improves power density by between 30% and 70% relative to conventional technologies. For the user that means as much as a 100% improvement in dynamics, and more compact installation combined with smooth running. The special benefit for users of Lti servo drive controllers and servo motors lies in the expert solutions delivered for automation with electric drives and in the high level of control engineering know-how available to handle the control of a wide range of motor types. 


SAEL Paper & Steel Applications


REBORN, the revolution...


Why throw your old analogue drive away?


SAEL srl has been doing business on the automation and industrial electronics market since 1987. During these years that witnessed the continuous growth of technology and production. It’s most significant experience was gained in the steel, wire, paper and printing, plastics and rubber and machine tools sectors, although it also produced applications in various smaller sectors.


SAEL also manufactures power and control electronics, producing and incorporating in its systems fully digital AC/DC inverters and converters, control cards and terminals with advanced technology in step with the latest manufacturing standards.


SAEL has developed a new revolutionary system for inexpensively rebuilding old drives boards that is unrivalled in its flexibility. After simple transformation with this system, the electrical board is “revived” becoming just like its latest generation hi-tech counter par. The aging of the inherited electrical boards that SAEL service at customer plants has pushed us to search for a solution for our customers that could remodernize old drives making them just as reliable as modern systems. To guarantee maximum reliability when revamping old DC boards, we designed a control rack that replaces the old control card of any drive on the market.