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evon Smart home | Bullet camera for outdoor installation) | : HC-CAM12-01 | Egypt - MET - almawared
evon Smart Home - Egypt - almawared - MET

How do I plan my evon Smart Home?

Every house is different and every home owner has their own ideas and desires. Planning is the very first phase to ensure that dreams become reality.

The central question: What should be controlled where? What: Light, heating, shade elements, watering the garden, doorbell … How: With a button, via the evon Smart Home app, or completely automated with the functions we have prepared. We have provided a tool on our website for support.

The evon Smart Home configuration Excel can be found in the Downloads area at

It assists you with planning, supplies the exact number of modules required with exact cost information.

How large does the distributor need to be?

In principle, you can install evon Smart Home in any switching cabinet due to the standard “top hat” rail mounting with a 45 mm aperture.

Space requirements are determined by the number of modules. Think of
power supply units and load relays (e.g. 24 V relay adapted to your lighting). Basic rule for cabling: All lights, shade elements and other loads, and all buttons, window contacts and other sensors are placed into the respective distributors. For connection of the buttons we recommend the use of multicore remote control cables (F-YAY) or CAT5 cables per room, whereby you simply provide a 20 mm installation tube for each room.

These are then clearly applied, preferably on LSA Plus stripes or terminal blocks. As a benchmark, you can anticipate 50 % greater spatial requirements in a switching cabinet compared to a standard installation.


What needs to be heeded with the wiring?

t is necessary to heed the following when installing the pipe:

– All lights, shade elements, valve drives and other loads must be installed in the assigned switching cabinet.

– Also provide a tube for the button lines for each room or room grouping.

– All lines for room control units, window contacts, etc. must also be installed in the correct switching cabinet.

– For example, if you want a weather station or surveillance cameras, you also need to plan for the necessary wiring.

– Do not forget connection to the floor distributors for 24 V energy supply, e.g. YML 2x1 and CAT5 cables for the data lead.

– Think precisely about where you want to place your button and which functions should be available. A pre-requisite for this is the prior selection of the switch material.

– In the room or the room grouping, simply loop on from the first switch group with an installation cable to the next.

– You should use deep boxes or spacious boxes as switch boxes

– you will be pleased you did so later when clamping the cores.

– It is recommended to write everything down so that you subsequently have documentation to refer to.

How can I Login to APP Demo?


In 3 easy steps to the demo:


1. Download the evon Smart Home app 


2. Select "External Connection"


3. Enter the following access data:

                        ID:             999999

                        User:         demo-en

                        Password: demo

How do I configure my evon Smart Home?

After you have connected to your system via the evon Smart Home app, you should initially state all connected devices (lights, shade elements, heating circuits, etc.) and assign them to rooms or areas.This enables you to not only find and operate them more easily, but also to have access to further functions. You will learn how to state your devices and assign rooms to them in the following simple steps:

Open app:

Open the evon Smart Home app on your terminal (e.g. iPad, iPhone, PC, Android tablet/phone or Windows tablet/mobile phone). Open the “lights”, “blinds” or “room climate” app according to what you want to set the names and rooms for. If the app is not displayed in the Favorites on the start page, you can also open it via „All Apps“.

Select device:
In the apps you will see a list with central functions and a list of your devices underneath – this corresponds to the channels of your evon Smart Home modules. The central functions are described more precisely in the documentation for the respective app.Tap on the area where the name and room are displayed, here tap on “no name”, “no room” to open the settings for this device.

Assign names:
Enter the name of the device in the “name” field. You can type in any name or select one of the pre-defined names by tapping on the small arrow.

Use obvious names such as ceiling light, ambient, radiator or wall heating according to the device and purpose. Tap on the Parameter symbol in the menu line.

Assign the room:
Tap on the field to select a room. A series of names is pre-defined in the system which you can use. Should the appropriate room not feature in the list, you can also create your own rooms with the “App fields”.

You do not need to save your changes especially, simply tap in the menu line on the arrow symbol → to return to the overview.

  • Controller, the Heart of the System

  • Shade modules

  • Light modules 

  • Climate modules

  • Room operating devices 

  • Digital modules

  • Analogue modules

  • Technology modules: Sound, RS485 interfaces, network interfaces

  • Smart Meter: 1 and 3 phase energy measurement up to 65A

  • System modules: converter, power supply, Redundancy, Wire strap, WiFi access point

  • Expansions: Cameras, intercom, weather station, u::Lux

  • Expansions: Fingerprint access system

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