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ELECTRO ADDA has been producing solely electric motors for every kind of industrial sector and special demanding applications for over 60 years. In the field of electric motors Electro Adda means “MADE IN ITALY ". It represents an historical and influential reality which follows very precise values created and developed by a family management which goes on nourishing a true passion towards this business.

Electro ADDA produce motors which go from small outputs to higher outputs, 2000kW and more. One of the biggest strengths is its ability to produce motors which go beyond the standards, with technical applicative and custom-made features thought to satisfy its customer’s needs. High performance motors in terms of power and safety which are entirely produced in its own factories. Every single product is the result of a fully tested and highly monitored production process, which provides checks in the windings of every single motor.

Sicme Motori DC Motors & Vector Motors
Starting in the early year 60’s SICMEMOTORI started to design and manufacture D.C. and Vector electric motors for industrial applications with power rating from 0.5kW up to 2,700kW particularly where speed variation is requested.

SICMEMOTORI mission is to place in the market a very reliable and technological advanced product. According to corporate philosophy that customers come always first, company team is constantly working side by side with the Client in order to find out together the best technical solutions, both to optimize costs and time in the various aspects that different applications could present. And today ranks as one of the most important European players in the field of modern industrial drive motorization.


LTi Servo Motors
The Lti group develops, manufactures and distributes products in three areas: Drive and Automation Technology; servo drives and motors, Microsystems Sensor technology and Renewable Energies. The Lti head offices are in Lahnau, where Karl-Heinz Lust in 1971 established the propulsion technology company “Lust Antriebstechnik”. His family business has since developed into a successful global group of companies. In 2008 the name was changed to Lti (LUST TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL) to reflect the company’s dynamic growth.
The modularity of the servo drive guarantees your optimum integration into the machine process at all times. A coordinated single-axis and energy-efficient multi-axis system meet the needs of any application across a wide power range. Whether in high speed field bus communication with the central multi-axis machine controller or with distributed Motion Control intelligence in the drive controller.
Based on the new winding technology, the so-called concentrated winding, the new LSH Servomotor generation of motors improves power density by between 30% and 70% relative to conventional technologies. For the user that means as much as a 100% improvement in dynamics, and more compact installation combined with smooth running. The special benefit for users of Lti servo drive controllers and servo motors lies in the expert solutions delivered for automation with electric drives and in the high level of control engineering know-how available to handle the control of a wide range of motor types. 

Lust Motors
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