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Control Relays

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Control Relays

Control Relay | Timer | Panel

Monitor & Control Relays


  • Over/under current monitor

  • Over/under voltage monitor

  • Phase failure, phase sequence and phase asymmetry

  • Phase failure and motor thermistor protection

  • Liquid level control, 2&3 levels

  • Thermistor motor protection

  • Speed control 

Interface Relays


Interface relays in the width:

6mm-11.5mm-22.5mm with 1 to 4 separate contacts



  • decouple Inputs and Outputs

  • Isolation

  • Contact multiplication

  • Establishment of a relay logic

  • Voltage Conversion e.g. 24Vdc to 230Vac

  • Signal amplification 



  • Multifunction timer

  • On delay timer

  • Off delay timer

  • Symmetrical recycler timer

  • Asymmetrical recycler timer

  • On pulse timer (single shot)

  • On delay with thyristor output 

Signal Converters


  • Analog Voltage Simulator

  • 2 Speed Fan Controller

  • Temperature Transducer PT100/PT1000

  • Temperature Transducer for Thermocouple

  • Transducer for Strain Gauge Sensors

  • Diode Array

PLC Interface Relays



  • Main Distribution Panels (up to 5000A)

  • Control and Distribution Panels for DC and AC motors

  • Control and Horizontal Monitoring Panels

  • Power Factor Panels

  • ATS Panels (up to 5000A)

  • Motors and Pumps Operation Panels (up to 1600kW)

  • Monitor and Control Panels using PLC systems

  • Distribution and Control Panels for Industrial Air Conditioning Units

  • Control Panels for Central Air Conditioning and Heating Units

  • Distribution and Control Panels for Water Treatment Plants

  • Special, Protection, Communication and Automation Systems.

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